Beauty Trends: L’Oreal Go 360

Beauty Trends: L’Oreal Go 360

I’ve had so many people ask me about what face wash to use on their face. A lot of woman old and young go years and years without finding the perfect face wash. It can be tricky, the face wash I used as a teen is different from what I use now.

I couldn’t find the right face wash for my face. I had to have tried at least 10 different face washes for my face. It wasn’t until I saw the L’Oreal commercial that I thought about trying this.

I ended up buying one at Target just to try, and ended up loving it! My face feels so refreshed after using this and it stopped my breakouts! I love the exfoiliate because it smells amazing!

Check-out the commercial featuring Frieda Pinto!

If you haven’t given this a try you definitely need too!


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