What We Love: Steve Madden

What We Love: Steve Madden

Yes, I’m a huge Steve Madden fan. It all started with a shopping try to Nordstrom’s shoe department four years ago. What can I say…a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet!

I have about 10 pair of Steve Madden’s and absolutely love his design style…it doesn’t hurt either that his shoes are the most comfortable shoes ever! Even his heels, I find I can wear for hours and forget I’m even wearing heels!

The new Steve Madden Conncord flats are my favorite! I saw them in a magazine and couldn’t wait to look them up online to buy! I love the crystal studded ones, but this one with all the colors has to be my favorite!

Such celebrities such as: Rachel Bilson, Katy Perry, The Olsen Twins, and many more celebrities have paired with Steven Madden to create their shoe lines! How many Steve Madden shoes do you own?


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