Beauty Trends: Katy Perry Lashes

 Beauty Trends: Katy Perry Lashes

I’m always looking for a way to get long full looking lashes! I’ve tried a lot of fake eyelash brands, but never could find one I liked. If I did like them, they wouldn’t stay on all night or they just didn’t look natural.

I was at Ulta a few months ago and saw these lashes and decided to give them a try…because yes I’m a Katy Perry fan.

I was surprised to find that they actually stayed on the entire night! They made my lashes look naturally full! So many of my friends kept telling me how gorgeous my lashes were!

I’d highly recommend going out and buying these they’re only $6.99 at Ulta and it’s definitely worth it!

Brian G. wrote in to me & said, “It’s all about the eyes for me on a girl, lashes just accentuate that feature.”

What do you think?


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