Entertainment: NCIS

Entertainment: NCIS

I’m one of the biggest NCIS fanatics you’ll meet! I’m never miss an episode, I have the series on DVD, and I’m always searching for spoilers online!

I’m a huge Tiva fan, so watching Season 9’s finale was great! I love how Tony & Ziva were caught in the elevator together…

I’m also a huge Ducky fan, and watching the part of Ducky falling down on the beach in his tux was devastating! I was relieved to hear, though, after watching that scene that he signed his contract for next season, which meant he will be back…but not without its complications.

I’m a loyal Gibbs fan and love his encounters with none other than Abby in the lab. I was so glad to see him save Abby in the last second of the explosion in the finale.

It’s was just announced NCIS will be back on September 25th and I’m counting down the days, hours, and seconds to the premiere!


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