Beauty Trends: Fairy Drops Mascara

Beauty Trends: Fairy Drops Mascara

I found out about this product from a friend, who told me if I wanted full looking lashes to go to Sephora and check this mascara out.

I have light-colored lashes and am always wanting to achieve that full lushy lash with my mascara, but I never could find the perfect mascara! When I found Fairy Drops I couldn’t wait to try it! The wand is amazing and works great! I always start at the back of my lashes and work my way up! It always gives me a full, thick dark lash, which I love!

I had so many people notice my lashes and ask me about the mascara I used! It’s  the first time ever I’ve heard that compliment!

What’s your favorite mascara? Have you tried Fairy Drops?


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  1. Bare minerals flawless definition

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