Nail Trends: Newspaper Nails

Nail Trends: Newspaper Nails

I’ve seen more and more people sporting the newspaper trend on their nails! Just the other day I saw this girl and she used a neon base coat with black lettering! It looked awesome!

I was then determined to find out how to do this trend at home.

I found this video below that is great and walks you through all the steps of how to achieve the look!

It actually does work! I’ve tried and my daughters have all tried it on their nails!

I have a red base coat on with white lettering!

What color would you chose?


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  1. Super cute! <3 I'll try it

  2. LACQUERLUST // July 12, 2012 at 7:39 PM // Reply

    I’ve seen this before I need to try it

  3. I need to try this it’s so gorgeous <3<3 ^_^

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