What We Love: TACA Eyewear

What We Love: TACA Eyewear by Oakley

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TACA stands for Talk About Curing Autism.

This is something I am very passionate about. One my sons has a form of Austim, known as Aspergers syndrome. He didn’t get diagnosed until he was six years old. Now, after finding out more about Aspergers, Autism has become a passion of mine.

I went into the Oakley store last night and saw the new TACA edition eyewear they just released! I couldn’t resist but buy them! A portion of the sale from the sunglasses went to support TACA.

Wearing these sunglasses makes me know I’m helping other families learn more about Autism. I know it was something my whole family had to find out about and I’m so glad there is an organization out there that helps other families.  You can read more about the TACA on Oakley’s website.


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  1. This is amazing! My son also has autism and I do anything and everything that I can to support the cause! In definitely going to go and get these! Amazing!

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