Entertainment: Justin Bieber

Entertainment: Justin Bieber

I think every girl and guy on Earth has heard of the name Justin Bieber. He is the most recognized and most known celebrity, singer, even business person in the world…did I mention he was just featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Plus, we all know he’s dating Selena Gomez and his mentor is Usher!

When I was growing up it was all about ‘NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, now it’s all about Justin Bieber.

His concerts sold out in less than minute, and his album he just released is already the #1 selling album of the year. Did I mention he’s only 18?

He’s following us on twitter…@OriginalPiece1 which is pretty awesome since he has well over 24 million followers!

The funny thing is, even a girl says she doesn’t like him, they still know about 10 facts about him. I know about five of his songs, and below I posted his new music video!

Justin Bieber is more than an entertainer he’s a brand name everyone knows of. recognized for his charity work, music, even his business, Justin Bieber is name that will always be heard of for decades to come.

Are you a Justin Bieber fan?


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