Beauty Trends: Glitter Shadow

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Beauty Trends: Glitter Shadow

I love glitter shadow!

It’s so easy to do and looks amazing! I usually put a white shimmer shadow on first and then apply the glitter across my entire lid. I have tried only the glitter eyeliner before, but if you do the glitter right, having your entire lid glitter is amazing!

Last night I had my eyelid done in silver glitter with black eyeliner and black mascara and got so many compliments on my makeup.

When you do the glitter lid, though, you have to make sure to do a neutral lip with it. You don’t want to over do you look, you want to keep it trendy!

Brad H. wrote in & said, “I love the sexy glitter look, but when it’s overdone it’s not attractive. A little goes a long way.”

Have you tried the glitter shadow?


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