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 You Asked…We Answered


Q: Blakely R. The other day I was with my friends shopping and saw a really cute denim dress…is it ok to wear denim in a dress?
A: Hi Blakely! Of course! We love the denim look, especially in a dress! It’s becoming such a popular trend! Sport this trend next time you go shopping! Tamara

Q: Hannah Y. Is it ok to wear a scarf in the summertime?
A: That depends; wearing a scarf that looks like it should go with your winter coat is not ok in the summer time. But wearing a silky lightweight scarf that looks like it accessorizes your outfit will look great! Carly-Rae

Q: Carla S. So I like the high to low skirt/dress trend, do I wear heels or sandals with it?
A: Great question! We’ve had so many people write in and ask us just that! The answer is both! If you want to dress up your skirt wear those trendy heels or wedges you love! If you want that casual, yet trendy look go for the sandals! Remember, wearing this skirt is like wearing a dress, either or works! Nina

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