What We Love: Spiked Heels

What We Love: Spiked Heels

Spiked heels have been my favorite shoe trend of the summer! They look high-fashion, and can be paired with your ‘go-to’ dress. Then you’re rockin’ avery high fashion look, without being uncomfortable.

I have about three pair of spiked heels, none like the ones pictured below. I’m working on getting a pair like these though!

My favorite pair of spiked heels are the open toe ones I’ve talked about before. They are so comfortable, that I swear I could wear them all day long!

I love love love this peplum dress, pictured below! It has to be my favorite dress hanging in my closet. The style and cut of the dress is amazing! I always wear it with my favorite spiked heels!

Love this dress!

Celebrities sporting this trend are: Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Fanning, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, and many more!

Do you have spiked heels?


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  1. Love the gold ones! 😀

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