Hair Trends: Ombre Hair

Hair Trends: Ombre Hair

Yes, the hair trend that keeps on getting better! It started out with Drew Barrymore and quickly went viral! Ombre hair is the hair trend everyone loves, because if you don’t go get your hair highlighted for a few weeks, then all you have to say is I’m joining the ombre trend…that’s what I do!

Ombre hair can be seen with girls with blonde hair, dark hair, even red hair! The picture below shows how I’ve seen this trend on some people and yes it’s bold…and I love it!

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This trend is great for winter and especially summer. In the summertime you want that sun kissed glow and your hair does lighten up with the sun naturally. So what better way to accentuate that than with ombre?!

Celebrities sporting this trend are: Drew Barrymore, Jessican Biel, Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson, Camila Alves, Lauren Conrad, and many more!

Have you tried this trend?


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