Entertainment: Katy Perry

Entertainment: Katy Perry


Learn More About her Movie Poster! Click Above!

Everyone has heard of Katy Perry and knows by heart at least two of her songs. I for one am a fan of her music! Are you? I was so excited to hear about her releasing a 3D movie in theaters!! I’ve been counting down the days to its release and it’s finally here.  I saw the trailer again last night, which made me want to go see it even more! I love how it shows a personal side of Katy with behind-the-scenes at her concerts, and more.

A lot of people look up to Katy Perry for her fashion forward trends in hair, makeup, clothing, and more! Now we get to see how she really does pull it all off!

Below is a preview of the new 3D movie! What are your thoughts? Can you wait to see her new movie? I’m definitely going out tonight to the movies!


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