Hair Trends: Upside Down French Braid

Hair Trends: Upside Down French Braid

I’ve seen this before on a friend, and absolutely loved it. What better way to spruce up your outfit than your hair? I wanted to wear my hair up tonight for 4th of July, and kept going through pages and pages of hairstyles. I remembered seeing this one and the rest is history.

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 I admit the French braid upside down can be tricky, but once you get it, it looks amazing! The bun is a sexy summer style that never goes out. The thing I love about this hair style is you can make it messy or have a smooth tight look to it. Tonight though, I’m definitely sporting this hair trend messy!

You can add a ribbon to your bun once you’re done, or even a bobby pin, and don’t forget about the hair chalk! What better way to celebrate tonight than adding some blue and red hair chalk into your hair?

Below is a step by step video that showed me how to do this awesome trend! Have you seen this trend?


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  1. Oh my! Genius! Love this. Going to try this soon & I love your accent!

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