What We Love: Oakley Sunglasses

What We Love: Oakley Sunglasses

I have about ten pair of Oakley sunglasses. I don’t know what it is about Oakley but I love their brand! All their sunglasses are amazing and they are all so comfortable! I can wear them for hours and forget I’m even wearing sunglasses.

In the summertime I always pull out my Oakley’s in the colored frames and sport them to match my outfit! In the wintertime they always have those enviable collections that you see on all the winter sport athletes.

Picture Above seen at: www.Oakley.com

It’s not hard to walk into the Oakley store and see at least five new pair I want. But the shopaholic that I am, I never spring for them…maybe only one pair!

The other day I was out sporting some Oakley sunglasses, with this dress from Original Piece, and it was insane how many people told me they loved how I matched my sunglasses with my dress!


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