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Q: Claire B. Is it a good idea to wear neon on neon?

A: Hi Claire. I’d say no. Too much neon can ruin the fashion trend. Adding subtle neon accessories to the outfit can make it look even better. Remember neon is a statement color, you don’t want it to clash! Carly-Rae

Q: Annabelle C. I have this awesome statement necklace I just bought, is it a good idea to wear it with a funky dress I just bought?

A: Hey Annabelle, how funky are we talking about? I’d recommend wearing the statement necklace with a solid dress that won’t outshine your necklace. Sometimes wearing a more conservative dress with bold accessories looks best! Nina

Q: Heather Y.? I just got some really comfortable high high heels, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to wear them the office or not?

A: Heather, Sometimes less is best at the office. Wearing high high heels might not get the best impression. Now for an out of the office function that might be gorgeous paired with the right dress! Tamara

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