Neutrogena Body Mist Review

Beauty Trends: Neutrogena Body Mist

Neutrogena Body Mist Review is finally here. Whether I’m relaxing out by the pool or at the beach with all my kids, I’m always trying to remind myself to keep sunscreen on everyone. But, like many moms sometimes you just can’t remember. When you get out of the sun though, and see the sunburn you wish you would’ve remembered to spray it on.

But admit it, kids never like sunscreen. The smell of it, how it burns their eyes, and how greasy it makes their skin, I hate that too.

I was so relieved when I heard about the Neutrogena Body Mist. I saw it at Target and thought I’d try it. It has to be the best invention…ever! It has a cooling mist that keeps everyone cooler in the sun, which is amazing! Now the kids are always asking me to reapply sunscreen because it gives them a mist they love.

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My skin is never greasy with it and its water resistant! Whether I’m relaxing out by the pool or at the beach with the kids, I never forget to apply sunscreen anymore!

Have you tried Neutrogena Body mist?


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