Entertainment: Bitchin’ Kitchen

Entertainment: Bitchin’ Kitchen

One of my favorite shows I watch at night is Bitchin’ Kitchen. It’s the most entertaining cooking show I’ve seen! I bought her cookbooks at Christmas time and I was surprised to find out that the recipes were easy to follow and they turned out! I hate getting a cookbook and the recipes are so intricate I can’t even get through the first two steps.

I admit, I love Nadia G’s accent and the fact she makes cooking entertaining. I haven’t seen a cooking show, before Bitchin’ Kitchen, that could sustain my attention through the entire program. Usually I flip through a few channels and might come back to the show.

I think what makes it the most entertaining is the fact that she makes all her recipes all about her relationships she’s had with guys. Her cookbook translates that, which makes me want to use recipes in there when I’m looking for a new recipe to cook!

Bitchin’ Kitchen comes on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.


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