Hair Trends: Hair Chalk

 Hair Trends: Hair Chalk

Yes that’s right, there is such a thing as hair chalk! For months I’ve wanted colored hair, but I didn’t want to dye it because it would only last for so long, and I’m not a huge fan of extensions either. But a few weeks ago one of my friends had the most gorgeous colors in her hair. She told me it only took her ten minutes to do, and that it was called hair chalk or as she said hair chalking.


It instantly went out and bought some, and every time I go out and want to add that trendy edge to my look, I get out my hair chalk and put it in my hair. The great thing about it is it easily came out when I washed my hair, and it didn’t run one I colored the strand I wanted.

The other day I wore my hair down and went through and colored a few chunks of my hair in pink and purple.

The picture here shows how you can hair chalk your hair when you braid it. I haven’t been this adventurous yet in trying it, but once I do you will from me again about it!

Jacob B. wrote in & said, “The simple colored hair strands work. I hate it when girls’ overuse the color in their hair.”

Have you tried hair chalk? What color would you use?


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  1. Jess Bell // July 1, 2012 at 7:19 PM // Reply

    Where can you get this from? I’m dying to get some!!xx

  2. jaycee meridyth // July 1, 2012 at 9:26 PM // Reply

    omg!!! i wanna do this so badly but i dont no where to get it

  3. Where can I get hair chalk?!

  4. Whats the brand?

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