Beauty Trends: It’s All About Eyeliner

Beauty Trends: It’s All About Eyeliner

For summertime it’s all about the eyes and their accented. Right now, I’m obsessed with Urban Decay’s eyeliner. Just last night I went to Ulta and got a new one. It’s great because they offer so many colours for every skin completion.

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 Below is a picture of the way I like to style my eyeliner right now…do you have a favorite way you wear your eyeliner?

 It’s important to have eyeliner that goes on creamy and smooth but stays in place (I hate it when eyeliner smudges). I’ve never had any trouble with Urban Decay’s eyeliner, not once. I always apply it after I put on my eye shadow. Eyeliner brightens and accentuates my eyes, and yes, even guys love it when girls’ have sexy eyes.

Check-out more of your favorite styles:

Tom J.wrote in and said, “I love it when girls have add that sexiness to their eyes…let’s face it it’s all about a girls’ eyes.”

Tom’s right…it’s all about your eyes!

Tell me what you think? What’s your favorite way to rock your eyeliner?


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