Nail Trends: 3D Nails

 Nail Trends: 3D Nails

It’s not good enough to just have your nails painted anymore. Now they have to be 3D! At first when I saw this nail trend, I wasn’t sure. Some people really go 3D and put hair ribbons on their nails, which personally isn’t for me.

I saw the image below, and thought… 3D nails don’t have to be extreme; they can be subtle and still have that 3D effect everyone wants. I have my nails similar to the picture below & love them! I can still do everything I do in a day and have fabulous nails!

3D Nails!

My friends couldn’t resist touching my nails, and couldn’t get over how great the 3D effected looked on my nails.

I have to say right now I’m loving this nail trend…I’m having 3D nails all the time! Check-out the 3D crystal nails!

3D Crystal Nails!

How about you? Have you tried this nail trend?



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  1. I absolutely love these nails ive been looking for new ideas for nail art please please please tell me where that kind of art is available

  2. NOW THIS, is something i’d like to have done. I do myself so I’d like to obtain the pieces!! How Kewl!!

  3. how do yu do them??

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