Entertainment: Carly-Rae Jespen

Entertainment: Carly-Rae Jespen

I had to do the singer Carly-Rae Jespen because well we have the same name…and yes she copied me! 🙂 I first heard her song when Ashley Benson was seen singing it in a video. Suddenly overnight the song, Call Me Maybe was everywhere & I do mean everywhere. It never fails though, every time I hear her song it gets stuck in my head for days! Does it you?

It’s the top download on iTunes, & yes it’s on my iPod. I’ve seen her music video, I admit, and have liked a few of her pictures on Instagram.

It was also announced that she will be touring with Justin Bieber & be his opening act.

Are you going to see her in concert? How many times have you sung her song?


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