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You Asked…We Answered


Q: Caroline G. Is it a bad idea to wear bright colored nails with a black dress on a date?

A: Hi Caroline! No way! Be bold as we always say and add that pop of color to your outfit! If you’re wearing a solid black dress, spice it up with some color. What better way to do that than with your nails? Carly-Rae

Q: Heather B. I have these awesome skinny jeans, but I don’t know what kind of shoes to go with them?

A: Wear any kind of shoes! Skinny jeans look awesome with heels, wedges, flats, even flip-flops! The shoe world is your oyster! I usually pair mine with wedges or a funky pump! Tamara

Q: Briana S. Is it bad to wear a see-through blouse with a colored bra?

A: Hey Briana! No! I just bought a shear blouse & paired it with a neon bra! The trend is in so flaunt it! Nina

Q: Gabrielle G. Is it a good idea to buy a pair of shoes with nothing to wear with them?

A: Well, I’m obsessed with shoes and I can’t tell you how many times I buy shoes I think are so cute but have nothing to wear them to or an outfit to wear them with. In my experience, I’d say get clothes to go with them, but then again, you can never have too many cute shoes in your closet! Carly-Rae

Q: Ashley T. Are jeans to casual for the office?

A: Hi Ashley. Well that all depends on what kind of office? If we’re talking about a lawyer’s office, then yes! If were talking about a laid back office, then no! Never wear your jeans casual to work, simply pair it with a fancy top with a blazer with the right shoes & you will make jeans look good no matter what! Tamara

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