Entertainment: J.K. Rowling

Entertainment: J.K. Rowling

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of everything Harry Potter. I own all the books in hardcover, yes I admit I did own a pair of Harry’s glasses, and own all the movies. I watch the movies at least twice a year. I did say I was a fan…didn’t I? I always regretted, though, not dressing up as Hermoine for Halloween! I also know of the Harry Potter Museum, but no I haven’t gone to it yet…have you?

I was so excited to learn on J.K Rowling’s website about the announcement of her new book for adults, The Casual Vacancy. Below I posted the link so you can check out the little that’s been released about her new book. I personally can’t wait for its release in September 2012, when it comes out I will be the first in line to get in and the first to finish it!


Are you a fan of J.K. Rowlings?


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