Beauty Trends: How to Apply Eye Shadow

Beauty Trends: How to Apply Eye Shadow

Ever wonder how to get that smoky eye everyone envies? I always did. I tried learning it from the magazines, and looking at pictures, but I never got it to look good. I stumbled upon this video a few months ago when I was searching different ways to apply my makeup. It’s great! The steps to take of how to apply your eye shadow was beyond helpful in this video for me.

This video showed me the step-by-step ways of what shadow goes where. Now, I love all makeup and know how to properly apply it to my eye.

Some of my favorite makeup brands right now are: Makeup Forever (at Sephora), M.A.C. (at Dillard’s), Smashbox (also at Sephora), Lancôme, & more!

What’s your favorite makeup brand?


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