Nail Trends: Gel Polish

Nail Trends: Gel Polish

Gel Nails!

Gel Polish is my favorite nail trend for summer. I’m really hard on my nails, constantly on the go, and every time I paint my nails with regular polish the next day they are so chipped I have to take it all off. It takes up too much time to have to repaint my nails every day, especially with six kids.

The gel polish I love because it stays on for so long! It’s so shiny and makes it look like I always have a fresh manicure for weeks! The key is getting a color that will match with everything I wear for the upcoming weeks, after the polish is applied. Which yes, I admit can be tricky, but let’s face it…it’s definitely worth it! I haven’t even had trouble getting it taken off my nails!

I had all the models in our past photoshoot do the gel polish because it looks so shiny for the camera, and anytime I wear it I feel like I’m on a runway!

As a mom, I want to have my nails painted neatly, to me my nails make a statement and make me feel more confident.

What about you? Have you tried gel? Do you like it?


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