What We Love: Polka Dot Cut-Out Dress

What We Love: Polka Dot Cut-Out Dress

Today, I just got this Polka Dot Cut-Out Dress in the mail from Original Piece & I absolutely love it! The lightweight material is great for summer and the cut-out in the back isn’t too ‘risky.’ You won’t have to make a special trip to Victoria Secret to get a special bra to wear with this cut-out. You’re able to wear your traditional bra in any color without it showing!

Check-it-out in their 2 for $90 section! www.originalpieceapparel.com

Today at the office, I paired this dress with my favorite flip-flops I just got at Gap in the tarnish color. Tonight, I’m definitely pairing it with these awesome heels I just got by Vince Camuto in a champagne color. They have those trendy spikes throughout the heel that are a definite trend I’m loving right now!

Tyler B. wrote in to me & said,

 “I love girls’ in the sexy cut-out trend, especially this dress because of its material! Cut-out dresses were the greatest invention.”

Good to know, Tyler B. honestly, cut-out were one of the best inventions!

Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Vergara, & More!

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What do you think? Tell what you’d pair this dress with!


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