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Q: Samantha B. Serious question, is it bad to pair wedges or heels with short shorts?

A: Well, that all depends on how short. Using your judgment wedges or heels with short shorts can look trendy. However, it does also come down to the top you are picking to go with your shorts. Wearing a top that’s flowy and not to blowsy would look great, however, wearing a tight shirt with short shorts could look a little too over the top. Carly-Rae

Q: Claire J. I need advice ASAP! I bought this amazing dress I’m wearing to this formal dinner with my boyfriend. Should I match my lipstick to the dress?? Help me A.S.A.P.

A: Hi Claire, the answer in short is you need to keep the color of your lips and your outfit in the same hue coloration. Wearing a red base lip color with a red dress will look awesome! What is a big NO is to never and we mean never match your eye shadow with your clothes…ever!  It’s one of Original Piece’s red cardinal rules. Tamara

Q: Danielle S. I read on your Fashion Trends that coral is in, but wearing coral shoes with the coral dress I just bought from Original Piece would that be too much?

A: Hi Danielle, being too matchy matchy with the shoes and dress can look a little overboard. However, pairing your coral dress with shoes that have a hint of coral may look fine. Remember, accessories are your friend, and pairing that dress with nude shoes and a splash of colored accessories can look even better. Carly-Rae

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