Nail Trends: Marble Nail Art

Marble Nail Art: My new obsession!

Want to get into summer with nails that are enviable to everyone? Well here’s your chance! Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more people sporting the new trend: marble nails. I’ve seen it in shades of yellow, pink, purple, blue, black, and even in the neon’s! The only problem was I had no idea how to do it, until now!

Above is a video I watched to help me achieve the marble look everyone wants! Now you can get it too!

What do you think of this amazing nail trend? Like it? Love it? Want it?

Tell me!

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2 Comments on Nail Trends: Marble Nail Art

  1. Lisa Frank // July 9, 2012 at 6:05 AM // Reply

    I just love this! I will try!

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