Beauty Trends: Love is Heavenly

Right now I can’t seem to spray enough of Love is Heavenly, by Victoria’s Secret!

I am always looking for a perfume to spray that’s light and the scent lasts. I love its unique combination of musk and floral. It makes the perfect blend for women who just like floral and women who just like musk.

I’m always on the go and never staying in the same place for long, so having a perfume that makes me feel sexy, while still doing all the ‘motherly’ things is great!

It doesn’t hurt either that I always get compliments on the perfume I’m wearing!

Rob Y. wrote in to tell me, “That perfume is one of my favorites, its sexy, yet sophisticated,” & yes I agree!!


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  1. I’ll have to try this one the next time I go to VS. I always keep a bottle of Heavenly Body spray in my bathroom because it’s a classic. Right now I’m really into Vera Wang Lovestruck.

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