Strawberry Pound Cake


Looking for an amazing desert for summertime?


Well I found this amazing recipe thats perfect for those hot summer nights when you have friends over and want an easily desert that goes amazing with the hot weather.

Strawberry pound cake is so easy to make. Simply get fresh cut strawberries, whip cream, and get a pre made pound cake and your instant recipe is ready to go!

It tastes so good! So many of your friends will want the recipe! :)


Wetforce Ultimate Sun Protection

It’s summer and that means endless sunburns. What a lot of people forget about is their faces. Yes, your face gets sunburn and I know I always forget to apply sunscreen to my face.

I always forget because I never can find a good sunscreen to apply. Usually putting sunscreen on my face can make my face burn or can get in my eyes, which hurts really bad.


Yesterday I was walking by Sephora at the mall and saw the Wetforce ultimate sun protection being advertised. I decided why not go in and check-it-out. When I went in they only had a few bottles left, which told me people must really like their product.

It’s 50+ SPF which is amazing and the greatest thing is it is more effective 15 minutes after your get wet or sweat. I absolutely love it. It’s perfect when I’m outside doing yard work or if I’m doing an outdoor sport or just relaxing by the pool.

The best part is my skin hasn’t broken out or anything. I’m so relieved I found an amazing sunscreen for my face! I use it almost everyday!

Do you have a favorite sunscreen you apply to your face?