Word of God: 3/27/15

‘I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live.’
John 11:25

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Original Piece Boutique Recyclable Totes of the Month for April Hit Stores EARLY! Get one FREE with a $50 purchase or more! We LOVE this quote for April!


Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil

Want that straight envious hair that everyone wants that’s shiny and so healthy looking?!

Well I found this Bumble and bumble hair oil about a month ago. At first I was a little hesitant to try it because my hair is already so straight I was afraid it would leave my hair oil where I would have to just wash it again just to get the oil out. But I was surprised to find out that it actually works amazingly!


I tend to spray a light amount when my hair is dry. After I finishing the hairdryer I take the spray and hold it about 10 inches from my hair and spray it around and let it settle where it does on my hair. Instantly I see it get that fresh healthy shine I love. The great thing about bumble and bumble is it has six oils and 2 extracts all mixed together that give it a perfect combination.

The spray is great for when I’m in the sun a lot because my hair gets dry. This puts the oils right back in my hair that makes it feel amazing

Have you tried this yet?! You definitely should if you haven’t!

I have to order mine either from Sephora or Bloomingdales online to get it. But it’s definitely worth it!

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30 Ways to Make Grilled Cheese

We just pinned this to our inboard on Pinterest today.

We had to share this amazing recipe with you. Just think of all the different kinds of grilled cheese you can make! It’s not as simple as just cheese anymore, you can basically add anything you love!

From mini-caprese grilled cheese to spinach and artichoke grilled cheese even yams and sage grilled cheese there are so many different ones! I admit the grilled strawberry and chocolate doesn’t look that greatest but maybe it tastes amazing!

Either way the 30 different ways to make grilled cheese will definitely get you thinking next time you go to make just a regular grilled cheese! There are so many options both healthy and I admit a little strange.

What’s your favorite grilled cheese recipe?!