Nail Polish Holders


If you’ve ever spilled your nail polish all over your carpet or floor when painting your nails you’re going to love what we found!

Nail Polish Holders!


They are amazing and we have to say the greatest invention for all girls’ who have a ton of polish. Now you won’t have to worry about spilling your polish when your sitting there painting your nails. They even thought of having the holder tilt for all of us who keep our polishes until the very end.


You can even get circle ones that swivel when you go to dip your brush back in the paint!

Would you use one of these next time you pull out your nail polish?!


Pure Barre

What is Pure Barre?

We’ve been getting so many write ins on the upcoming workout regime. Pure Barre has gained a huge following and has expanded it’s franchises into so many locations all around the United States.

Pure Barre is an amazing exercise for women. It tones you and makes you lean without adding bulk muscles to your figure. Pure Barre is a 55 minutes workout class that combines yoga to allow you to relax and get away from the everyday trials you are facing in your day.


Pure Barre combines so many exercises into one class along with stretching. Wait until you try a class, you will be so sore the next day but you will feel so much better about yourself.

It’s especially helpful to women who can necessarily go so hard on their joints. If you faced a past injury and can no longer run or you just need a good stretch, Pure Barre gives you that workout you’ve been looking for!

So check-out the nearest Pure Barre near you and join in on the upcoming workout everyone is talking about!