Fishtail Braid with Lauren Conrad

I wore my hair in a fishtail braid the other day & so many people stopped me to ask how I did the fishtail braid and if it was hard or not.

The truth is the fishtail braid is more simpler to me than a regular braid! You only need two strands of hair instead of three and you don’t have to worry about intertwining the hair you simply lay one piece over the other.

I learned the fishtail braid from my girl Lauren! Her tutorial is so simple and walks you through the steps as you do them! And might I just add that you need to COMMENT if your a Lauren Conrad fan! I absolutely love love love her Pinterest!!

Anyways, the fishtail braid is perfect to dress up an outfit if your going out on a date (Valentine’s Day hairstyle) or even if your running errands, leave the hair messy to give yourself a relaxed yet in-style vibe!

HAVE YOU TRIED THE FISHTAIL BRAID YET?! Did this help you learn how?!

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Travel Destination: Guam

I would have to say if your searching for a tropical climate and breathtaking views and a place to escape everyday life, I would highly recommend going to Guam! Just look at this picture of Guam and the Spanish Stairs!

My family is in the military and we ended up being stationed in Guam for a few years and it was absolutely stunning. The coral reef is amazing there and I’m a huge fan of the climate! It never really gets cooler than 75 degrees!

The beaches there are absolutely breathtaking! That has to be my favorite beach on Earth! I love the surf and snorkeling in the coral reef. I would do it everyday of my life if I could! A lot of people get mistaken by Guam but it actually is a US Territory off the Australian coast and even though it is small we still have an indoor aquarium, hotels, even malls. And yes we do have high tech phones and television there! :)

In my words Guam is like a Hidden Treasure and I admit I like it like that. I love how small the island is because you get to know the familiar places by heart.

So if your looking for an adventure

Kailey G.

DIY Workout Routine With Jillian

Umm let me just say it’s my third day from doing this video and I’m still so sore it hurts to walk!

Jillian Michael’s video is no joke. By the time I got through the first part, I heard her say its ‘double time’ which meant I had to do all over again, but faster!!! I’m a daily jogger but this video… Jillian really knows how to get your heart rate working!

The caterpillar move was a lot more difficult than it looked too! Because by the time you get to that move you just did a lot of ab workouts you wouldn’t normally do!

So I definitely recommend giving this video a try! It really will make you break a sweat and use muscles you wouldn’t normally use in a daily run. Plus, bikini season is just around the corner and you know we all wanna have a toned midsection!

Let me know what you think?! Have you worked out with Jillian Michaels yet?!

Francesca G.


Fashion Favorite: Cowboy SweetHeart

I can’t get enough of this dress!! The mix of blue and yellow hues is absolutely perfect!

I love the fact you can dress this look down with sandals or pair it with wedges to give it a totally different look! Not to mention pull out those cowboy boots and your INSTANT trend alert ready!

Want This Dress? Get yours from Original Piece Boutique!

Want This Dress? Get yours from Original Piece Boutique!

The detail on the bottom of sleeves is also on the bottom of the dress, which gives it a trendy yet edgy feel. It’s gives it that cute country feel I’ve been looking for in a dress!

This dress is from Original Piece boutique at their Avenues Mall location in Jacksonville, Fl! I’m obsessed!!

You can easily pair this dress with a jean jacket too! SO tell me YAY or NAY to this look?! I’m a fan are YOU?!

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Disney’s Cinderella: The Movie

I’ve been waiting for Cinderella to made into a movie for as long as I can remember! Disney’s Cinderella is one of my favorite stories Disney has ever released, that and Ariel….

The trailer for Cinderella looks so magical and I’m sure the movie is even better! I can’t wait to see in theaters when it’s released in March. The costumes and the set designs look perfect and that carriage as seen in the trailer… I would like one of those!
And can we just say the glass slipper …. they did an amazing job creating that in the movie!

Overall I hope the movie is just as good as the trailer makes it seem! I’ll be disappointed if it’s anything less. Are you as excited as I am to see Cinderella the movie with all the mice and all the costumes and all the magic.

Sara R.