Meet the House

What is House of Originals?

 House of Originals is a place for Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Authors, & Designers to all come together and share their own ‘original’ gifts with the world.

We know how difficult it can be especially when you’re first starting out or even if you’ve been doing it for years to get your name out there.

We’ve been there.

The House of Originals is platform for ‘originals’ to stay true to their passions and what they are meant to be doing. Here at the House we feature daily new drawings, songs, pictures, clothing, all of which were and are created with the expression of one main purpose… to be ‘original.’

A lot of platforms now don’t embrace the originality in the creative world, but here at the House we LOVE IT!

So what’s the first step in taking the jump? Well first we encourage every and all to submit their story us. Submit a piece of your music or artwork, or outfit you designed to our House.

We then review all submissions very carefully to make sure you will be a perfect fit to our house.

Even though you may not be selected the first time you can always resubmit with a new piece you might have done. We always accept submissions so don’t hesitate to click the submit button.

Following an acceptance email, you will then get a breakdown of what it takes to accept your position in the house.

For example, if you want to be featured not just be getting an article published but going a step further and getting involved in our overwhelmingly popular social media platform.

Original Piece’s Facebook has over 100K Likes, Twitter has an enormous amount of celebrity following with over 80K followers, Instagram with over 50k followers, & so much more!

Get your ‘original’ pieces seen and heard. It’s time to make a difference and start changing the world. So take the next step and submit yourself to The House.

We’re waiting to find our next original….

Hair Tutorial: Crown Braid

So we’ve been seeing this hairstyle featured on Pinterest and our readers have been writing in asking us to feature this boho themed braid.

It’s perfect for spring! The crown braid is amazing and it looking gorgeous especially in pictures!

So we found this video that walks your through the steps of how to do this braid. It does look complicated at first watch. But when you re-watch the video you start to see the tricks of how to achieve the look.

The braid itself is a simple regular braid which makes it a lot easier. Once you can the hang of braiding it’s so simple to do!