‘It’ Girl Trend: Drugstore Makeup For Prom

You Ask US Girls’: Prom Edition

What is a fun nail trend I can wear but still match my dress? -Annie S. We love the accent nail or nails! Accent one or two it’s up to you. You can match your solid [...]

Things We Love: PDQ

Our new favorite lunch place in Jacksonville has become PDQ! It stands for ‘people dedicated to quality’ and quality is what it always delivers. There are lots of [...]

Things We Love: Lisa Frank

Throwback Thursday Edition Who remembers all the bright printed folders, notebooks, and backpacks from Lisa Frank? Lisa Frank was the best part about shopping for school [...]

Hair Trends: Headband Curls Tutorial

We have seen headband curls all over Pinterest and decided to give it a try. We found this tutorial by Carly Cristman the easiest to follow. She shows you step by step how to [...]

Our Fashion Trends: Blue Hue

At the Original Piece store in Jacksonville, Florida we are loving blue right now! For guys and girls we cannot get enough of all the shades from cobalt to navy. Shades of [...]

Our Fashion Trends: Spring Cut-Outs

Cut-outs are trending again and we couldn’t be happier! Heart, low-back, and side cut-outs are all featured at our retail locations in Jacksonville. New for this season [...]

Hair: Leave-In Conditioner

The cold winter air has done a number to our hair this winter but we have found 3 leave-in’s for you to love! Leave-conditioners are great for all hair types and [...]

Things We Love: Alex&Ani

We love stacking our bracelets and our newest addition to our wrists are Alex and Ani bracelets. The bracelets are made in the USA of recycled or sustainable materials, they [...]

Nail Trend: Lavender Polish

Almost every brand of nail polish has a lavender shade right now. Our favorite formulas are cool toned, creamy, and very opaque. We love Lavender Polish! Picture [...]
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